Mill Bolt

Mill bolts are used by mining companies for mineral mills and serve to secure and fix the mill lining, reducing damage from the impacts sustained by other components contained in the mill. They come in diverse qualities and grades and typically undergo heat treatment such as quenching and tempering in order to strengthen its integrity.

Mill bolts: dimensions and characteristics

While the dimensions of mill bolts are varied and specialized depending on its intended use, the mechanical properties are crucial for their application. In this case, the mill manufacturer or designer will indicate the quality, dimensions, grade, or class of the bolts depending on their needs.

As a result, they can be manufactured according to the customer’s requirements, for example, with thread by chip removal or by rolling, with finishing such as bluing, and whether they undergo heat treatment like quenching and tempering.

Modepsa is the first Peruvian company in the industry to develop M48 rolled thread mill bolts for SAG mills, which have improved resistance to fatigue, shear, and torque.

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